My Love of Art Began With Drawing

There have been so many mediums I have used over a lifetime of drawing. The skills and focus on craft that is so inherent to who I am the the way that I draw has carried over to my painting process as well. I have come to trust particular brands and methods to achieve the results I am looking for in my completed drawings. In particular, it is rare for me to stray from the Arches paper products. Their consistency of texture, color and absorbancy is perfect for the way I work. Over the past several years I have learned to make my own watercolors and Sinopia provide fantiastic pigments for my purposes. In beginning a drawing I make it a point to mark of a border and start with light graphite sketching. As I begin to fill out the composition I often use light ink washes to intensify the shadow before adding the middle layer of the work, then finalizing the detail throughout. In those with color I employ guache or watercolor which allow me to add vibrancy and complexity. The drawings with color are typically made during the ideation of a series to help guage the depth of a subject and select a unifying palatte for the works.

  • Olympic Coast 1
  • Hidden Petroglyphs
  • Trekking Home
  • The Olympic Coast IV
  • Olympic Coast 2
  • The Path to Paradise IV
  • The Path to Camp
  • The Olympic Coast I
  • The View of Mount Helens
  • Silver Falls
  • The Sunset
  • The Olympic Coast II
  • The Tide Pools
  • Olympic Coast 3
  • Ozette and the Sea
  • The Hidden Falls

The preceding images reflect several years of walking along fishing rivers and soaking up the landscape in and around Portland, Oregon.

-Jeremy Brochue

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