The Painting Process

In creating paintings I follow traditional painting methods to create an image that both satisfies my intent and guarantees the longevity of the work itself. These oil on panel images gain much from the use of Robert Simmons sable hair brushes and oil paints from Gamblin located here in Portland, Oregon. Rather than using canvas for this series, birch panel provides a strong ground for the work. While honing my process I have also continued to develop the theoretical end of my work. The images below express an exploration in memory and place, drawing on the events of my own life and juxtaposing them over the conception of the place and time in the form of related objects and maps painted in the primary layers of the work. To build up the image I begin with graphite and charcoal drawings, at times adding egg tempra to flesh out those layers before beginning the lean oil painting portion.

  • Beacon Rock and the Columbia River
  • Punchbowl on Eagle Creek
  • Early Morning Patience
  • Harbor of Seals
  • Headland at Low Tide
  • Ozette at High Tide
  • South to Ozette
  • Agate Beach
  • Angel's Rest
  • Sunset on the Ozette
  • South Sister from Moraine Lake
  • Low Tide at Haystack Rock
  • Wahkeena Falls Trail
  • Bryce and the WIlson
  • Wilson River Hole

There is no place like Portland, Oregon. Enjoying the beauty of Oregon's wilderness just a short distance from town has allowed me to create memory paintings, outdoor scenes of man within nature and the sublime landscape. Oregon is truly a riparian Eden

-Jeremy Brochue

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